Cliché but it got me hooked: Riverdale, anyone?

Riverdale, I realised, after two whole episodes, is based on the Archies comics. Call me dumb because I am, not linking the names together being my first step to earning that title. So this is a review of Riverdale (season one). And I am totally going to fill this up with spoilers. First off, Betty… Continue reading Cliché but it got me hooked: Riverdale, anyone?


Oh, how you ruined it.

Two posts in a day. Just to prove there is a never-ending supply of annoying people. This post is about a certain person I came across while returning from work. Location: A public bus. I get a seat. I sit. I look out of the window to the right. I get bored with the view.… Continue reading Oh, how you ruined it.

Life-saving article: Tackle the binge.

I got a Netflix subscription yesterday. Yep. Dug my own grave and it wasn't even for free. I stared hungrily at the rows of TV series which were beckoning me to click on it and start watching right away. They were all there- waiting for me to dig in. Do you think I gave in… Continue reading Life-saving article: Tackle the binge.