A beginning.

Hello. I thought I should introduce myself and it would be a great filler post though this is the first post and it’s not really filling anything.

I started this because I saw one of my few (because quality, not quantity) friends having a blog and I got inspired. Her blog is great: she writes poems and essays which I could have led you to but she writes anonymously and asked me to keep it a secret as well. And I define “secret” as “secret” and not “tell it to someone else and ask that person to keep it a secret as well”.

I’m cynical. And I don’t particularly dislike people but there are a lot of things I hate about them which should be evident through my later posts. I’m straight-forward too which has gotten me both friends and people-who-dislike-me (because disliker isn’t a word).

Also there might be suddenly one or few fancy words in my posts and that’s because I’m learning vocab everyday and I will probably think of the word and suddenly insert it in my post.

Also, life isn’t pretty so God knows what is so great about “yolo” which many people changed to “yodo” and thought they did a great thing. And my posts are going to have a lot of cynicism, so all those sensitive plaintiffs, kindly don’t mind.



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