Why it is terrible to be parasitic on “Hope”.


“Hope” as defined by Google:

a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

I fail to understand why people ask us to hope. Even Stephen Hawking says “Where there is life, there is hope”. What about where there is hope? I would rephrase it as: Where there is hope, there is heartbreak.

Hope is said to keep people alive even in the jaws of death. But let me ask you, what is the probability of that person from coming out of those jaws of death? He hopes he does not die but what he is actually wishing for is some good luck. Some black magic to save him. Some providence at the nick of the moment or some celestial cosmic intervention: anything that will give him another chance at life. He hopes and hopes and then he dies. Hope fails. I’m not saying Hope was supposed to save him. But what would have been different if he had not hoped? He would have died sooner or later. A few minutes more to breathe? A few minutes more with his family? Also let it not slip your mind that it also gave his family some false belief that he might live. Then he passes away and the family is crying. What good did Hope do?

A student hopes he passes the exam. An employee hopes he reaches office on time even though he left late for work. A girl hopes her lover texts her back after their fight. We hope the politicians do some real work for the country. We hope the world becomes greener.

Everything that we hope about is a base of uncertainty. Also about those things which can happen through some good luck or miracle. It gives us this false belief and temporary satisfaction tending to happiness when we think that what we are hoping for really happens. We cloud our logical thoughts with the visions of the success of the thing we are hoping for so that when ultimately the time comes and probability proves to be correct, we are devastated. We are upset, angry, depressed. Instead of clinging onto Hope, some logical thinking might have showed us the real consequences of our actions. That the student won’t pass because he got so many answers wrong that it brought his total marks below the pass marks. That the employee will ultimately be shown into the boss’s cabin because nobody covers ten kilometers in five minutes. And the lover won’t text the girl back because he really is annoyed with her.

But fallacies of human reasoning are always perpetrated through hope and it never ever fails to bring us some unprecedented (or maybe not) sorrow. When hope fails, people will always blame the bad luck. It’s always pass-the-pillow game even in abstract feelings, such is the web of the human brain.

The practicalities are visible when you peek beyond hope unless you’re totally blinded by it, or worse, feeling smugly satisfied resting in that temporary cocoon of perpetual ignorance provided by Hope.

You don’t hope you pass, you work hard enough to know you’ll pass.


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