Connecting people.

The following is a conversation on Omegle between two strangers.

S1: hi

S2: hello

S1: M here

S2: f

S1: where you from?

S2: India wby?

S1: us

S2: haha okay

S1: So what’s ur name?

S2: umm can we stay anons pls?

S1: Alright.

So how’s life

S2: Exams are up

S1: i hate exams too

S2: yeah

S1: So how’s ur life other than studies? like your romantic life?

S2: its ok ok

S1: lol okay

S2: I’ll tell u a secret

I’m going to break up with my bf

S1: why?

S2: He’s rude sometimes… like he does not know his limits.. he says whatever he wants and then sends many sorries

S1: rude things like?

S2: When we quarrel he takes it so seriously and says everything he wants.. I’m fed up

S1: oh ok ok

S2: But he loves me i know

S1: the question is whether u love him or not

S2: I don’t know.. i can’t understand.

S1: Do u miss him when he is not there?

S2: I used to.. not anymore.. Like we are not talking for 2 months and I’m not sad at all

S1: hmm.. then you should break up

S2: u think so too right? Infact I’ve had a crush on a guy for 3 years now.

S1: well what about him?

S2: I didn’t think of him for a long time.. he was out of my mind.. I’ve never cheated on my boyfriend. But recently I’ve been thinking abt my crush a lot. Instead of missing my boyfriend, I miss him.

S1: does he know u have a crush on him

S2: yes but i told him i dont want a relationship

S1: lol okay

S2: yes

S1: so when will u tell him about the break up

S2: After my exams end

S1: oh okay all the best lol

S2: Ty. OK I gtg. Have to do some maths. Thanks for not being a fuckboy.

S1: buhbye and no probs.

Stranger 2 has disconnected.

Currently in India, an annual exam called ISC examinations was going on which was about to end in a month.

Vedant had not met Shalini in a long time and hasn’t been talking to her for 2 months because of the exams.

After the exams were over, they started talking again and Vedant noticed that Shalini wasn’t that eager to talk with him for hours as she used to before.

He asked if they could hang out someday since it was going to be their first anniversary soon. Shalini declined and finally told him:

“I want to break up with you.”

“But why? Suddenly?”

“Because sometimes you are too rude and you don’t know your limits. You have always hurt me that way. When we have those baseless quarrels, you always take it too seriously and say whatever you want. Vedant, the numerous sorrys that you say donot heal the wounds.”

*after two minutes*

“You have a crush on a guy for 3 years now, don’t you?”

“What.. wait.. how did you know?!”

Moral of the story: Omegle isn’t all about lies.


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