Are you lucky enough?


The world runs on luck.

Instance one:

A student is studying for his exams. He studies whole night. Wakes up late next morning. He misses his exam though he had worked hard for it.

Instance two:

A person wants to buy an iPhone. His parents won’t buy him one. He takes up a part time job. Works extra shifts just to get that money. Someone steals all his money during a bus ride. He can’t buy an iPhone though he had worked his ass off.

Instance three:

A student who is extremely capable in mathematics. Concepts are crystal clear. Known as “math genius” of the class. Can solve any sum from any chapter. Scores 75 out of 100 in the final term exams. He scored poorly because he had gotten nervous during the examination.

Instance four:

A budding writer. Has won all school level writing competitions. Ranked first in a national level competition. Took part in an international level writing competition. Failed to stand a chance because he had forgotten to submit his birth certificate.

People will say it’s hard work that matters.

I will strongly disagree. I negate it. I dismiss it.

If you are successful in life, you’ve had luck standing by you. Someone who failed to top in his class, failed to get the job, failed to fulfill his dying mother’s wish should not be blamed for not working hard- it means luck had abandoned them.

You had three chapters for an examination. You studied three. Your friend studied two. Questions came from those two chapters which he had studied and scored the same marks as you. We all know who worked harder and who was lucky, right?


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