Things just have to go and spoil themselves for me. I firmly believe I have no role to play in this.

This post will be more coherent and relatable to people who binge-watch shows, get trapped in imaginations while reading a book and side with some fictional character with heart and soul as if their lives depended on it.

I’m in the process of watching a certain anime called Death Note. Please don’t try to judge me or guess my age.

Now, Death Note is a pretty famous anime which is why I had finally steeled myself to obtain it by hook or by crook and finally enter the club. It has 37 episodes and given my daily schedule, it isn’t possible for me to watch the entire thing in two days but so far, I’ve made considerable, no, remarkable progress.

For those interested: I’m at that point when Light’s father pretends to shoot Light in the car (Light has forfeited the death note).


Long before, I had read a question somewhere asking, “Did Light Yagami in Death Note deserve to die?”  So even before I started watching the anime, I had this piece of information.

Apparently, today, while scrolling through my Quora newsfeed, there was a question: Which character’s death in a movie or TV series upset you the most?  So I immediately thought of Hide from Tokyo Ghoul (sorry if I ruined it for any reader). The first answer caught my eye and that Quoran has very nicely written that “L in Death Note. Why did he have to die..” blah blah. The rest of the paraphrasing is of the least consequence to me.

So now, I’m thinking if I should at all watch the anime anymore.


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