I’m probably one of the most irregular bloggers, but probably because I wasn’t meant to be a blogger. Not that anyone is meant to be a blogger. Whatever.

I haven’t gotten a college yet. I’ve enrolled myself into one but it’s not my college with the subject I want to study. I don’t want a major in the subject I’m studying, which in turn, makes the lectures of the professors irritating and claustrophobic.
I don’t want to hear any of their ranting because after a year, I tell myself, I won’t be here. I hope I’m not here.

Why can’t anyone tell me the outcome of what I’m about to do. I don’t want to waste my time doing something I won’t need and instead, I can put in all my efforts into the thing I want to do.

I worked hard, okay? I mean not like really hard work but more than what I did and I still won’t get a chance to get into that university. I’m not perspicacious which is probably the bottom line of everything. I remember being at the top of the academic field. Now I’m just a pariah.

My timeline is filled with farewell notes for few of my “friends” from their friends because they are going away to other states for their education. The notes are probably not mawkish but I have always felt disjunctive with such stuff. If I’m ever going to go away, I’ll just tell it to the three friends of mine and thank god they aren’t mawkish.

I hope next year brings flowers for me. Tired of getting hit by stones.


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