People show different sides of themselves with different people. First I termed it as being fake but then I realised that it’s a necessity, my realisation was further enhanced by a post which said that behaving differently with different people isn’t called being fake, it means we were mature. Not exactly agreeable, but I got the point.

Last day a friend of mine was telling me about a guy in her class and by tell I mean bitching about him.

Then I see this friend of mine talking in the sweetest manner possible to him on Facebook, and I was literally stupefied. I mean, come on, sure we show different sides. But this? Alright no point kicking up an enmity with the guy but hey, you have two options:-

1) Either you don’t bitch about him. If you don’t like him, bottle it up within yourself and you can use all the :* emojis while talking to him on fb, or

2) Don’t talk to him with :* emojis.

Showing different sides to people is one thing. And showing different sides of yourself about the same person is another thing. That’s called being fake.


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