The ease of technology.


Breaking up with someone who probably still loves you, has to be a really difficult thing, especially if you (the person who is going to initiate the break up) are a really caring person. I think even if you’re just caring minus the “really”, it still is going to be a difficult thing for you.

However, initiating a break up with the condition mentioned (recapitulating: the other person still loves you), isn’t in itself a difficult thing. The other person makes it difficult with all the emotional blackmailing.

The trend says most people break up over texts. Nobody bothers to meet up anymore probably because a) they dislike the person so much that they don’t want to see him anymore, or b) just in case they see his baby face and puppy eyes and return to square one. So the safest solution is always texting. And in case of a return, desperate phone call demanding some reasons, there is always the option of cancelling the call or the omnipotent “block” option.

So you inhale and exhale like eight times although you have already spent the past week writing the draft message. You have conjured the plausible responses and have prepared answers and counter answers with a few graphs and statistics. Yet there is some rapid breathing before sending the original and actual text, the One which will reach him and will be read by him and sparks will fly. If you’re doing this over some IM service instead of vintage text, there is the possibility of two droplets of sweat over your left brow.

Your heart is beating faster than normal and your thumbs are twitching. You type out the message. Read it. Then re-read it at least 5 times. You’re a bit nervous but you’re determined to end it. You weren’t even probably that determined to get an A-grade in your last math exam. After a lot of re-reading, you’re like “F*ck it” and press ‘Send’, which is followed by “F*ck I sent it!”.

Chances are he isn’t near his phone though it’s nearly impossible. The probable chances are he is near his phone. He is always near his phone and reads your texts as instantaneously as you send them but intentionally replies late to either prove he is busier than you expect him to be or he had picked up this trick from “How To Make Her Like You More” from the article he had checked out online last week. But today’s message isn’t the usual type. It’s way different from what you usually send. It’s a message to make him regret why he never replied to your messages more often instead of relying on those online articles.

Your phone rings and without looking you know who it is. Or maybe you know who it is because you were staring at your phone. You don’t wish to talk to him or explain things, so you cancel the call, sending a second strong, clear, powerful message. There are a series of messages bombarding your phone now. Multiple calls. You could have blocked his number but you want to read what he has to say. There are demands for answers. Reasons to this decision; about what went wrong and where; why you aren’t receiving his calls. Then it’s time for some promises: he will change; he will not do any of the mistakes he has done once you tell him what they are. Then it’s some emo stuff: he thought it would last forever; how his life has ended and all he sees is darkness so it’s better he ends his life.

You give him some time to take it in. You’re reading everything, but you aren’t replying because well, your determination is at its apex. Later, you send him some one-worded reply and block him.




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