The Battle.

Do you know what is the most difficult part of a student’s life? I am not talking about the oh-so-perfect-I-am-an-all-rounder ones. It is following a self-made study routine.

My Documents folder has at least three word files and two excel files with elaborate routines. The last pages of a few notebooks, my scribbling pad and two other rough sketch diaries have various study routines. I even have a 2005’s New Year complimentary diary which has been dedicated to routine making. No prizes for guessing that I haven’t followed any of them religiously.

My routines aren’t of one kind. There are monthly ones, daily ones, weekly ones, time alloted ones, chapter alloted ones, sections of chapters alloted ones, study breaks included ones, weekend ones and I have managed to surpass all of them and still cry before exams.

The major exam of my life,  and I am not joking when I say it is a matter of life or death to me, is in 5 months.  Don’t roll your eyes because it is a short time and an even shorter time when you have been wasting time and there are a lot of distractions like a mobile strategy game and comic books.

People have no idea how much I push myself, motivate myself, try out all sorts of tips on Google to study and even then I am always in square one.

Pray for me guys that I pass that exam by ranking  within the top hundred people. I’ll send all of you chocolates.


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