And people cry after break ups.

I lost my phone.

Those who haven’t ever lost their phones wouldn’t know how much that sentence hurts. The experience even more. And worst, having no idea where you had last used it.

So after spending nearly the entire day out, I returned home to take out the stuff from my oh-so-fashionable bag and of course I would notice that the thing I use for 16 hours per day throughout the year is missing.(Don’t judge me for the 16 hours usage. I have a lot of news apps and study apps. I positively don’t socialize for 16 hours oh please).

So getting back to around 5:30 pm yesterday (when I discovered my info-hub missing from my bag), let me tell you (those who haven’t had the pleasure of losing their phones yet), what it feels like: First you’re hit with a lot of panic after you have fished in your bag and haven’t hit any hard metallic object. Then you look in. You don’t spot it. Then you’re furiously praying. Your start taking out all the stuff from the bag in clumps. The bag’s empty and there is no sign of the phone either among all the junk strewn on the bed or inside your bag. Then you check your jeans’ pockets (highly improbable you open your jeans without taking out the phone but right now there is no time or space for coherent reasoning because all you want is to catch sight of that p-h-o-n-e). Not there either. Slowly you’re being forced to accept the fact that you’ve lost your phone while running around the entire house, even to places you haven’t been ever since you returned.

I was really sad. Still am. I won’t get daily news updates. Had a lot of PDFs on my Adobe reader collected from myriad sites for my exam – all gone. My SD card with thousands of songs and pictures, all out (yes I hadn’t backed them up, oh well). I can still get the songs back but the pictures are gone. I can only get back the stuff on apps which required creating a specific account but that applies to only 2 of the 13 apps.

So now I’m back to using my old phone which is a Windows phone. I don’t dislike the Windows OS for phones (and definitely not for the PC) but we know how incapable it is.

[The sim card or the phone number : I didn’t have a sim card in that phone. It was used only for studying and WhatsApp. So the number fuss wasn’t a problem for me. I made calls from my old phone itself.]

Feels like something big is amiss in my life. It was literally my study companion. Starting from alarms to making a schedule at night for the next day. I expected to listen to its alarm tone (for those interested, the song is The Space Between by Soyu and Urban Zakapa. Yes I don’t understand the lyrics but who cares) but then I realised *bursts into tears* that it’s not possible.

an official member of the I Lost My Phone Let’s Cry club.


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