Oh, so you’re a “writer”?

The problem with most people is that they think of themselves as “freelance writers” just because they can construct two sentences in English and thus, highly misusing both the terms “freelance” and “writer”. Opening a WordPress blog just because it’s free and typing sentences with the end words which rhyme, positively do not make you a writer or erroneously a poet (if you went that far).

I have seen my classmates becoming writers (please get the sarcasm). One of them particularly joined the club because she was heartbroken. Apparently her long time crush did not respond to her feelings which she had not even conveyed to him so I presume she thought him to be some God of Clairvoyance or Telepathy. So all of a sudden she starts sharing links of posts to her blog on Facebook. I won’t deny her being good at constructing sentences without syntax errors but that does not give her a license to open up a blog and publicize them without inviting a little negative criticism (from me, for example). And worse, they were all romantic, heartbroken poems (more aptly series of sentences with rhyming words at their ends) which really made you cry more so at how bad they were and not how sad.

I understand being anonymous and writing but her confidence about her skill, publishing in her own name like she was the author of eight books and three best sellers, was way too much for me to not make a blog post out of this “becoming a writer” trend.

At the receiving end we have the rest of our classmates and her friends on Facebook who are either too dumb to understand poetry or are too much into adjusting their masks that they don’t utter a word about how her poems aren’t worthy enough to be read and appreciated. The worst part is when these “freelance writers”, as they like to call themselves even though not a single company, website, newspaper or magazine know about them, is that they want some appreciation in return for the links to their gem of a poetry. No constructive criticism on such posts is viewed with a good eye and of course there will be some back-bitching.

Writing a poem takes more skill than mashing few words together with a verb here and there which you think imparts meaning. I’m not a poet so I’m not the best judge about what a good poem should have, but when I’m reading Elliot or Wordsworth, I can nearly visualize the circumstances of their era. It brings about a satisfaction and a good feel within me like yeah, just read a good poem.

I have come across some great blogs with simple, yet concise writing which conveys feelings, experiences, details with so much clarity, I end up reading the archives. Black letters on a screen don’t make you a writer no matter how much you are bubbling over with emotions while typing them out.


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