Music. Memories.

I can’t be the only one who stitches memories to music. It happens involuntary unless I’m
conjuring my own music video for a particular song but that is a different matter altogether.

This memory-music synchronization is pleasant until you want a particular memory to get out of your head, like pressing a reset button. For example, once I was listening to This Is My Life (Edward Maya)this guy I don’t like, decided to enter through the door. Thank you for ruining the song.

Although my playlist keeps changing, there are a few constant songs I still listen to even now. And unfortunately I have listened to them here, there and everywhere including in front of people I liked then but dislike now and those memories have interspersed with the lyrics. *curses silently*

Certain songs remind me of my first date. Some of a certain journey back home. Some regarding a particular day at school. It’s terrible how much I start listening to music to commemorate every mood. People have sent me songs- people who used to be an intrinsic part of my life and would have rested in oblivion had it not been for the annoying recurrence of their faces whenever I listen to the songs sent by them. It’s my bad luck that the songs turned out to be nice and I have a weakness towards nice songs. I can’t delete them.

It’s okay if you dislike a person who is associated with one of the songs in your playlist. You can immediately change your thoughts or start imagining your self-directed music video. What about the people you still like but who are not a part of your life anymore? The answer is simple: It hurts. It’s difficult to forget them because you want to think about them and I believe many humans are part masochistic, they enjoy the hurt so much so that they play the song on repeat. (Why).

Nevertheless, it’s music and we can’t do away with music. Not considering those sheep who don’t listen to any sort of music. Ever. (How).



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