People show different sides of themselves with different people. First I termed it as being fake but then I realised that it's a necessity, my realisation was further enhanced by a post which said that behaving differently with different people isn't called being fake, it means we were mature. Not exactly agreeable, but I got… Continue reading BEING FAKE.



I'm probably one of the most irregular bloggers, but probably because I wasn't meant to be a blogger. Not that anyone is meant to be a blogger. Whatever. I haven't gotten a college yet. I've enrolled myself into one but it's not my college with the subject I want to study. I don't want a… Continue reading RANDOM SPILL.

Why it is terrible to be parasitic on “Hope”.

"Hope" as defined by Google: a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. I fail to understand why people ask us to hope. Even Stephen Hawking says "Where there is life, there is hope". What about where there is hope? I would rephrase it as: Where there is hope, there is heartbreak.… Continue reading Why it is terrible to be parasitic on “Hope”.